What unit size is right for you?

Published on 4/17/2023
When it comes to selecting the right self-storage unit size, there are a few key factors to consider. Choosing the wrong size unit can result in wasted space and money, or even damage to your belongings. Here are some tips to help you select the right self-storage unit size for your needs:

Take Inventory of Your Belongings
The first step in selecting the right self-storage unit size is to take inventory of your belongings. Make a list of everything you plan to store, including furniture, appliances, boxes, and other items.
Be as detailed as possible when creating your inventory list. Note the size, weight, and dimensions of each item, as well as any special storage requirements, such as climate control or shelving.

Consider Accessibility and Organization
When selecting a self-storage unit size, it's important to consider how you'll access and organize your belongings. Will you need to move around inside the unit? Will you be storing items that require shelving or stacking?
Consider the layout of the unit and how you can optimize the space for maximum accessibility and organization. You may want to choose a larger unit to allow for more maneuverability and storage options.

Estimate the Unit Size You'll Need
Once you have an inventory list and an understanding of your accessibility and organization needs, you can estimate the self-storage unit size you'll need.
Most self-storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes, ranging from small units for a few boxes to large units for furniture and appliances. Use your inventory list and organization needs to estimate the amount of space you'll need, and choose a unit size that allows for a little extra room to move around and access your belongings.

Visit the Facility and Ask Questions
Before selecting a self-storage unit size, it's important to visit the facility in person and ask questions. Take a tour of the facility and inspect the unit sizes to ensure they meet your needs.
Ask the facility staff for advice on selecting the right unit size, and ask about any restrictions or requirements for storing certain items. You may also want to ask about the availability of climate-controlled units or other special features.

Consider Future Storage Needs
Finally, when selecting a self-storage unit size, it's important to consider your future storage needs. Will you be adding more items to your storage unit in the future? Will you be removing items as you declutter your home?
Choose a self-storage unit size that allows for future flexibility and growth, but avoid choosing a unit that is too large for your current needs. This can result in wasted space and increased costs.

In conclusion, selecting the right self-storage unit size requires careful consideration of your inventory list, accessibility and organization needs, and future storage needs. By estimating the unit size you'll need, visiting the facility in person, and asking questions, you can choose a unit that provides the necessary space and accessibility for your belongings.